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Personal, sustainable and involved. In our view, these are the most important and even indispensable ingredients for long-term cooperation and commitment. Whether it concerns design, supervision or coordination, a corporate event, exhibition, trade show or conference, this can only be achieved by intensive cooperation and continuous sparring!

Stand design

Inspired Live Communications gives your stand a beautiful and professional look. Our design is fully aligned with and in line with the corporate identity of your company. Modern and sleek shapes are characteristic of our style. This fresh look gives your stand a calm character and visitors immediately feel at home. The material for the floor also plays a role in this.
Visitors often only need a few seconds to determine whether you are the right party for the job. That is why a clear and immediately appealing appearance is of great importance. We take advantage of every chance we can in order to help your booth become much more distinctive between the other booths. For example, we can use the height of an exhibition hall to your advantage for extra visibility. If required, we can also design a modular stand for you. This one is easy to assemble and dismantle, so that you can use it several times.

Event design

A corporate event is a powerful and mature marketing tool that gives a boost to your company and product(s’) image. Thanks to more than 30 years of experience in both national and international events, we know exactly how to brand your event, and to simultaneously create both a commercial and relaxed atmosphere. We will translate your message to a successful live format.

We can also be the right staging partner for you. Your corporate identity will be centre stage and your logo, look & feel and objectives will form the fundamentals. We take care of your staging from concept to realisation, including all of the necessary resources from audio visual and multimedia to graphics and lighting. Perfect staging gives you fantastic possibilities for effective staging! 

Exhibition management

The ‘management’ of a booth from beginning to end is a speciality skill. An exhibition or conference always starts on time, and your booth has to be ready on time as well.

Inspired Live Communications ensures all of this for you, from the moment that you have arranged your booth space right up until dismantling everything after commencement of the event. Thanks to our broad expertise and years of experience, we can help you down to the smallest details and can manage all of the affairs imaginable involving your booth.

We take the whole package out of your hands, domestically and internationally, and that’s why we are unique! We are well accustomed with all of the details in the often large and complicated exhibitor’s manuals, including the (dramatically changing per country) fire safety standards of towels, furniture, flooring, walls and similar. We take care of it for you, from power accommodations and an internet connection all the way to cleaning up. Also consider transportation with specific needs, the catering or even the coordination of special gadgets on your booth. We make possible what seems impossible! 

Exhibition Management in short

  • international transport
  • coordination with the organization
  • catering
  • location management
  • design and production of graphics
  • installation and disassembly
  • design and implementation
  • storage and reuse of your booth
  • booking of on-site services

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